New Years Resolution (in July)

Better late than never, right? I’ve recently taken a much more focused approach to my song writing career.

After attending a couple of songwriting seminars and reading a whole bunch of information about becoming a professional songwriter, I realize that I really need to write everyday that I possibly can. With an 8 month old baby, this sometimes doesn’t happen, but I’m trying to make it work.

I’m exploring the art of top lining. This is the process of creating lyrics and melodies over a already produced backing track. It’s the method that the used in LA songwriting.

I’ve recently started working with an old friend, Rob Lee. He is a drummer by trade, but has been fooling around with programming and drum tracks for the last couple years. He has some great stuff.

It is always remarkable to me how realistic drum loops can sound these days. Turning on country radio, I hear them everywhere all over the songs. I guess it’s the new normal.

Rob and I are working on a new song that is from the perspective of the devil, as a female. The premise of the song is if the devil had fallen in love with someone and the love was not returned and the lengths the devil would go to to torture the significant other. In other words, a real uplifting number!

When you become a truly regular writer, it’s amazing the things that your brain will come up to write about. Just when you think you’re out of ideas, your brain feed you something. Or if you work through the darkness long enough, you find something to talk about.

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