The Confidence Gap

I was just reading this article this morning. I’m continually amazed by the the low levels of confidence that women have in themselves. Where does this low level of confidence stem from?

I don’t have very many good answers to my own question. I don’t know exactly why women are less confident than men.

On the outside, we have everything to work with regarding confidence. Generally, women multi task in multiple arenas with great grace and competence. Just look at working mothers for instance.

My mom was an elementary teacher , our housekeeper, our gardener, our tailor, our therapist, our accountant and for all intents and purposes, the captain of our family ship. While I always believe that my mom wanted our father to be the head of the household, he really was only that in name. Definitely not in practice.

I can cite numerous examples of this phenomenon. Yet, even though women have a large role in family and work relations, there is still a huge discrepancy when it comes to the baseline of confidence between women and men. I know that this is changing, I’m sure that by the time my sons generation has reached adulthood, this so-called confidence gap will be extinct.

At least I hope so.

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